Assorted Team Chants

Assorted Team Chants with Lyrics


Bold are more commonly sung.

00:37 We Are the Tottenham Boys

01:17 Glory, Glory, Hallelujah

02:06 Tottenham Till I Die

02:39 And It's Tottenham Hotspur

03:12 Que Será, Será

03:57 European Tour

04:24 Making All the Noise

05:10 We're the Park Lane

05:46 We Are Tottenham

06:18 It's A Grand Old Team To Play For

07:09 When The Spurs Go Marching In

08:03 North London Is Ours

08:33 We Love You, Tottenham

09:01 Wembley, Wembley

09:31 Come On, You Spurs

09:48 The Thing I Love Most Is Being A Yid

10:47 An Arsenal Fan On a String

11:35 We Shall Not Be Moved

12:24 Hark Now Hear the Tottenham Sing

12:53 The Boys From White Hart Lane

13:24 Watching Tottenham on a Tuesday Night