WhatsApp Group

There is a group chat on WhatsApp that you can join if you would like to have a friendly banter with your fellow members.

Please read all the rules below and use the link below to fill out the form. It may take up to 72 hours before you are added so please be patient.


  1. Please keep all conversations on the topic about Tottenham Hotspur, the dealings of the club, and the supporter group. All other posts will be removed unless authorized by an admin of the group.
  2. No offensive or off-color content is to be posted in the chat. Memes are more than okay, just nothing generally offensive.
  3. No marketing of news sites, podcasts, or the like. This is just for friendly conversation
  4. No spamming the chat. Please try to limit the messages sent in a given time period.
  5. No threats or calls to violence to be allowed. We are trying to be a peaceful group that wins trophies.
  6. Please be respectful of the time when sending a message. Do not expect a response at 3am from an admin.

To sign up, please fill out this form. Any questions, please reach out.



2020-2021 Committee Position Vote Now Open

The link to cast our vote for 2 of the 3 members who have put their names forward as committee members is now live at https://forms.gle/skifzRRdHxBQ62rw6

We thank them for their desire to help out in our quest to drive our supporters club forward and onto even greater things.


Wanna Be A Bigger Part of South Florida Spurs?

Do you want to be a bigger part of South Florida Spurs?

We are looking to fill TWO Committee Positions and ADD Official Volunteers to support and sustain our growth.

As you probably know, the supporters club was created and maintained for the past few years by a few Spurs fans in our area who used to meet at a bar in Ft Lauderdale. With our run to the Champions League final, it became apparent that there were so many more fans in our area, and as such, we moved to our own bar.

We now want to take the next step in our evolution and begin formalizing and enhancing the club's structure and ongoing expansion, outreach, and improvement.

Home Bar for 2019/2020 Season

We are very happy to announce that Mickey Byrnes Irish Pub in Hollywood will be the new home for our Supporters Club.

We looked at a number of places and had a number of offers, but MBs really made us feel welcome.

They will open for all games, frame & hang some of our memorabilia/scarves, will offer drinks/appetizers specials for certain games, will promote us on social media, etc...